A telephone call shatters the calm of a Dublin summer morning bringing terrible news from war-torn Nicaragua: 21-year-old Johnny Little has been caught up in a mysterious skirmish and killed. Grief-stricken, his estranged parents Frank and Eleanor set out on the arduous journey to bring their wayward son home. It’s a quest that will have profound consequences: in this hauntingly beautiful land of poetry, guns and frantic salsa music, nothing is quite what it seems…


“An astonishing display of assured, emotive, witty writing. Read it.”
Independent on Sunday

“This is a very entertaining novel. It is also a generously humane one.”
Sunday Times

“Ireland’s most brilliant storyteller.”
Sunday Independent

Desperadoes is an intelligent thriller that attempts to explore the way in which children always remain a mystery to the people who raise them.”
New Statesman